Swim Club


Mission:  To promote active, safe, and healthful activities in the swimming pool and cabana area by 1) planning maintenance of pool and cabana furniture,  2) maintaining the plants and flowers,  3) coordinating major maintenance needs with the Board of Directors, and  4) sponsoring swim classes for both men and women to promote special exercise programs.

Officers:    President -- Nancy Aceto
                   Vice President -- Nancy Greenblatt
                   Secretary - Tracey Tagliareni
                   Treasurer - Sue Thaler
                   Membership Chair Joanne Coppola

Dues:         $2.00 per person    Send To:   Joanne Coppola (G-203)


M/W/F at 9:15     Water Aerobics by tape   
              10:30     Water Aerobics with Stan Brunnell


Meetings: Third Thursday of the month.
                              Noon At the Pool Cabana - bring your own lunch

Annual Hot Dog Lunch - January 22, 2019