Square Dance Club

The Briny Breezes Square Dance Club has been active since 1948 and is currently celebrating 64 years of dancing. The club held a 60th anniversary dinner-dance party on January 30, 2008.  At that time we were joined by many of the former members or our club and members of the Square Dance Community at large.   Our club is defined as a "Modern Square Dance Club" and we dance at the "plus" level.  Many years ago square dancing was taught in some of the schools.  The schools taught "Traditional" square dancing which is quite different from what is done in most clubs today.

Our dances begin with one hour of round dancing.  Round dancing is choreographed ballroom dancing.  A person referred to as a "cuer" calls out the steps and everyone does the same thing at the same time in a big circle.  Since everyone is doing the same thing there is less chance of bumping into someone as so often happens at social dances.  Briny residents who do  not dance are welcome to come and observe our activity at no charge.

Dances:  Wednesdays from January through early April 
Time:        7:00 PM  --  10:00 PM

We usually dance in the Auditorium but occasionally in the Ocean Clubhouse


Cost:      For the 2013-14 dance season teh dance cost is $10 per couple per night.  Our income isused to support
                the costs of our caller/cuer Jack Lewis, and refreshments.

President -- John LeGrow
Vice President -- Eric Wolffbrandt
Secretary -- Barbara LeGrow 
Treasurer -- Lynn Deniston
Social Convenor -- Bev Robey

Watch the Bugle for further announcements.  We hope to see many more folks at our dances this coming season.