Boating and Fishing

Boating and Fishing Club



 Meeting Location:  Auditorium

 Meeting Dates:  2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month  (No meeting 4th Tuesday of December 2011)

 Time:  8:30 AM Coffee and Rolls   9:00 AM  Meeting           

At each club meeting coffee, orange juice and donuts are provided before each meeting and door prizes are given out at the end of each meeting.

The club also sponsors three dinner-dances a season at nominal cost to members.  These are held on the 4th Thursday evenings in January, February and March.  A social hour begins at 5:00 PM with refreshments provided followed by dinner at 6:00 PM.  Musicians are hired to provide dance music following dinner.

Remaining date for 2011 is:  Thursday March 24th.

Cost to Join:            $4.00 per person
Send dues to:          Linda Baumgarten, Membership Chair  (G-211)


President Tom Roop
1st Vice President Roger Grove
2nd Vice President Chuck Foland
Secretary Pat Columbus
Treasuer Ruth LeBlanc
Membership Linda Baumgarten


Club Highlights

Boating and Fishing is one of the older clubs in Briny.  It has evolved into the largest social club in the park without having any involvement in boating or fishing.  The club has a long standing tradition of volunteers picking up newspapers and aluminum on Monday morning.  A club member sells subscriptions to local newspapers and other members sell caps and shirts for additional club income.  The money is used to supplement the club activities as well as maintaining the golf carts used for many functions.