The purpose of the Billiards Club is to provide a room for those members who like to play billiards.  The billiards room has two professional pool tables, 70 cue sticks, two sets of cue balls, chalk, brushes. and two table covers.

There are three tournaments each year.  The first tournament will be the third Saturday in January at 9:00 am.  Second will be on the third Saturday in February with the the third being held on the third Saturday in March.  The third tournament is our trophy tournament.  The winner to this event will have his or her name placed on our permanent trophy which is displayed in our billiards room.  2011 will our 16th year for this tournament.  We presently have 52 members and encourage anyone interested to join.

President:  Joe Sparazza
Vice Presidents - Tom Roop
Secretary/Treasurer: George Brinks

Meeting Date:  3rd Tuesday of December following Boating and Fishing meeting.

Dues:  $3.00 per person per year.

2010 Billiards Tournament Winners

 1st place  Joe Sperazza          2nd place Lenny D'Errico